Category: Detailed plans


A detailed plan is a detailed spatial plan for a part of a municipality that is developed to determine the requirements of land use, housing parameters and to specify boundaries and restrictions for a particular land lot. The detailed plan tests the feasibility of the development considering the context and constraints of the site, like visual impact, infrastructure and so on. It specifies zoning and land use, massing parameters, transport infrastructure, utilities demands and connections and other important information needed to understand the impact of the site on the surrounding territories and to prove the feasibility of development.


including properties “Augšvimbas” and Riga-Sigulda highway 1E Customer: “SMI Berģi” Ltd., 2012 – 2013. Detailed plan for 12 hectares of industrial and commercial area in Berģi village, near the A2 motorway and the border of Riga. Key phase in the…


Customer: „Jaunrīgas attīstības uzņēmums” Ltd., 2006 – 2009. Detailed plan for multi-functional city block development in Andrejsala port area (38 ha), Riga. The detailed plan re-planned the port area, created area of unique and multi-functional business services, accommodation, recreation and…