Category: Master plans


One of the most interesting areas of our work are master plans and specific land development proposals. These works are visually vivid and allow new ideas on placemaking to be illustrated or to test models of preconceived planning considerations and regulations.

Many of these works were created in collaboration with leading foreign and Latvian architectural and engineering firms: OMA / AMO (Netherlands), Spacegroup (Norway); Fletcher Priest Architects, Arup, Terra Firma (United Kingdom), Schaller Architekten (Germany) un Nams, ARHIS, Sīls, Zābers un Kļava, Arhitektonika, A_Plus, Forma (Latvia), etc.


Customer: “Real Invest” Ltd., 2012. Consultations and spatial development assessment of shopping mall “Olimpia” in accordance with Riga City Spatial Plan, Spatial Plan of Riga historical centre and its protection zone territory, detailed plan of Ķīpsala, master plan for silhouette…


Customer: Vecumnieki Municipality Council, 2012. As part of Vecumnieki municipality spatial planning documents we have been developed the master plan for public space in Vecumnieki centre with the aim of developing Vecumnieki village centre in which there are diverse range…


Customer : Rezekne City Council, 2012. The study was part of the implemented project “Capacity-building of cultural projects in Rezekne City” (Project no. 1DP/ Research was carried out at a time when two new significant objects were being built in…


Customer: Krāslava Municipality Council, 2010-2011. Southeastern part of Krāslava historic town is an 18th century national monument of urban development (VKPAI Nr.7434) and is symbol of the city. The master plan includes: Current and historical description of the site, pedestrians…


Concept for Jugla Neighbourhood Customer: “Rīgas pilsētbūvnieks” Ltd., 2010. Analysis of Jugla residential area, environmental analysis and development of the concept were done as part of the project “Energy Efficient and Integrated Urban Development Action” (UrbEnnergy). The work involved the…


Green infrastructure concept in collaboration with landscape architects office “Terra Firma” (United Kingdom) and development of spatial composition concept in collaboration with the architectural firm “Schaller Architekten” (Germany) for detailed plan of the area between Pulkveža Brieža, Hanzas, Skanstes and…


Support with development of construction program and institutional cooperation. In collaboration with the architectural firm “Fletcher Priest Architects” (UK). 2008 – 2009.