Detailed plan for multifunctional office and residential complex development in the suburbs of Riga

an area between K.Ulmaņa avenue (Riga), Lielā and Daibes streets (Mārupe municipality).
Customer: “Larix Property” Ltd., 2008 – 2009.
Detailed plan for development in a strategically important site – Ulmanis avenue/Lielirbes streets – access road to Riga from Riga International Airport (area of 14 ha, Mārupe municipality). The solution was prepared in accordance with the building concept of Swedish architectural firm “Arosgruppen Arkitekter AB”.
The main solutions:

  • Traffic organization, including alternatives for Ulmanis avenue/Lielirbes street, Lielā street multi- junction;
  • Provision of engineering communications;
  • Spatial composition of buildings, visual impact analysis of vertical architectural accent placement in Ulmanis avenue;
  • Relating to public outdoors.