Latgale Planning Region Development Programme 2010–2017

Customer: Latgale Plannig Region, 2010.
As part of the programme 11 regional working groups were organized, multidisciplinary analysis involving Latvian and international experts was carried out and extensive public participation and public consultation process with businesses, public authorities, voluntary sector, local authorities and media was organized.
The programme consists of 10 regional operational programmes:

  • “Latgale ID” – programme for entrepreneurship support;
  • “Development Centre Network” – polycentric development programme with sub-programmes for 7 major cities;
  • “Foundation” – programme on financial instruments;
  • “School + ” – public relations support center and service programme;
  • “Attractiveness of Latgale region” – promotion programme for cultural, sports, business and marketing activities/events of Latgale and Latgale’s cities;
  • “Socially responsible Latgale” – social programme to prevent poverty and marginalized social groups in society;
  • “Connections” – infrastructure development programme for transport, communication and information;
  • “Lakes” – smart use of natural resources and tourism programme;
  • “Regional Programme” – regional programme for municipality support;
  • “Green Energy” – programme of future of knowledge. Alternative sources of energy, environmentally friendly production and management models.

The planning process contributed to the initiation of measures at the national level, which resulted in the development of an action plan for the development of Latgale Province by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.