Development of local plan in Riga Dreiliņi neighbourhood

38 Ulbrokas Street and its adjacent area next to the designed Dzelzava street extension.
Customer: „DUL Investments” Ltd., “Pamati XXI” Ltd., 2013.

Local plan’s territory consists of 9 hectares and the study area is 90 ha. The aim of the local plan is to change the land use as determined by the Riga Development Plan from the zoning of the buildings of Centre area to the zoning of mixed land use with production or similar function to ensure full multi-functional property development for businesses such as offices, warehouses, light industry, electronics, etc.

The development’s vision complies with the strategic guidelines on Riga as a compact city without intensively developed new centers outside the rail pass. The local plan’s territory has historically been a production and warehouse zone and thus while developing this local plan this context will be emphasized in order for business development to prosper.