Development of local plan for Culture and Recreation Park “Mežaparks” in Riga

Customer: “Rigas Meži” Ltd., 2011-2013.
Local plan for Culture and Recreation Park “Mežaparks” in Riga (area of 423 ha) aimed to develop solutions for high-quality public space and corresponding infrastructure. Within the framework of the plan the following studies and evaluations were done: “Compilation of archives”, “Soil and groundwater contamination studies”, “Biodiversity research”, “Transport survey research and forecasts project”, “Assessment of outdoor activities and facilities”, “Possibilities for theme park development in Mežaparks study area”.

“Spatial Composition” and “Concepts of greenery and landscaping” were also developed. Solutions for the organization of traffic and parking were drawn up as well as proposals for the development of path network, object placement, land consolidation and utilities improvements.

A development programme was created for the area and its servicing infrastructure that included the park’s development vision, strategic objectives and basic principles of their implementation and the indicative costs of their implementation. Detailed proposals for uses of park’s central part, main entrance node and Ķīšezera coast were developed as well as conditions for organizations of open architectural competitions.