Concept plan for Karlis Ulmanis avenue and Lielirbes street space planning and spatial structure development

Customer: Riga Municipal Agency “Riga City Architect’s Office”, 2010.
Present situation evaluation, building design and concept of spatial development taking into consideration the new airport boundaries were developed for Karlis Ulmanis avenue and Lielirbes street area between Kalnciema street and Jaunmokas streets, the following were also included:

  • Proposals for public transport,
  • Pedestrian and cycle routes,
  • Justification of building parameters and functions,
  • Principles for parking,
  • Spatial parameters for buildings and high-rise group location,
  • Requirements needed for quality public space structure,
  • Public transport stops,
  • Proposals for greenery elements, environmental objects and art elements and their placement principles,
  • Measures for reduction of noise and air pollution,
  • Measures for lowering groundwater level and creation of drainage systems.