Rezekne cultural development concept 2014-2020

Customer : Rezekne City Council, 2012.
The study was part of the implemented project “Capacity-building of cultural projects in Rezekne City” (Project no. 1DP/
Research was carried out at a time when two new significant objects were being built in Rezekne – Multifunctional regional centre and East Latvian creative services centre (opened September 1, 2012). Therefore, the ultimate goal of the study was to present proposals that promoted efficient use of the centres in cultural tourism, as well as to position the city as a cultural and tourist center of Eastern Latvia.

Research was divided into three parts – “Current situation analysis”, “Cultural tourism development concept” and “Fact sheet for Rezekne city website”. Research was done so it can be used in Rezekne city development planning and policy documents.” Cultural tourism development concept” section was structured in an action plan format with the aim of using it in Rezekne city’s Development Programme 2014 – 2020 and investment plan. The concept contains a large proportion of ideas discussed in working groups, including those that need to be developed into specific measures.

As part of the project, training for Rezekne City Council and local cultural institutions was carried out so to prepare them and share knowledge of how to work in the new city environment when the two centres are built. The study includes the lessons learned during the training.

As the research field was cultural tourism, culture and tourism sectors are only partly reviewed. In cultural sector focus is on cultural activities that can attract visitors. Business tourism, education and other forms of tourism where the purpose is not directly related to cultural consumption is not analyzed deeply.

The need for Rezekne cultural tourism strategy: by combining the two sectors and by implementing cultural tourism strategy, as well as by optimizing sectoral management significant contribution to the competitiveness of Rezekne can be made and a positive image of the city can be created.