Master plan for architectural and spatial structure of Skanste neighborhood

Customer: Riga Municipal Agency “Riga City Architect’s Office”, 2011.
Skanste neighborhood covers the area between Pulkveža Brieža street, Ganību dambis, railway track, Dunte street, Skanstes street, Vesetas Street, Emīla Melngaiļa street and Hanzas street.
For the master plan to have high-quality in spatial, architectonical and functional dimensions and for it to be economically sound it was developed so to provide an accurate justification keeping public interests in mind for spatial (including planning and functional) development of Skanste neighborhood and serve as a basis for amendments of the Spatial Plan of Riga historical centre and its protection zone territory, as well as serve as a source of information for urban planning documents and for developing conditions for specific master plans.

  • The existing building layout and their spatial and architectural quality were assessed.
  • International workshop in 2006 master plan for the territory between Skanstes, Sporta, Ēveles, Grostonas, Vesetas and Mālpils streets during the design phase for existing facilities and detailed plans.
  • Developed three spatial architecture development scenarios with descriptions and 3D graphical representations including scenario with maximum allowable building parameters, shrinking city scenario and moderate, progressive development scenario.
  • Developed proposals for amendments in the Spatial Plan of Riga historical centre and its protection zone territory.