Master plan for public space in Vecumnieki centre

Customer: Vecumnieki Municipality Council, 2012.
As part of Vecumnieki municipality spatial planning documents we have been developed the master plan for public space in Vecumnieki centre with the aim of developing Vecumnieki village centre in which there are diverse range of services and public functions – business, culture and education used by all municipality residents and visitors. Riga Street is also Vecumnieki village and municipality’s business card – symbolic space. The master plan addresses the issue of merging juxtaposing functions – transit route, public centre and symbolic functions, and also includes solutions for increased accessibility of the nearest natural and recreational area.
The plan provides:

  • Organization of pedestrian, bicycle and traffic flow – creation of central square, add to the character of transit route from School street to Taļķe bridge.
  • Encourage trade – organize the information environment and create attractive market square and commercial space along Riga street.
  • To improve and diversify land use, to improve utilities.
  • Build connections between major recreational areas of Vecumnieki village.
  • Make the old and the new lake to complement and serve as an alternative to the active centre of Riga Street.