Liepāja City Municipal Plan 2011–2023

Customer: Liepaja City Council, 2010 to 2012.

Development of spatial plan for a city (area of 60 km2, 80’000 inhabitants). The work included preparation of solutions and justification for the plan, development of graphical part and the land use and building regulations, process management, provision of public consultation, coordination with institutions.

The most important issues were:

  • Development of port area;
  • Rail and road network development;
  • Housing concept;
  • Brownfields exploration;
  • Green area development (landscape assessment, public space concept);
  • Waterfront use (Lake Liepaja, sea, canal, seashore);
  • Protection of cultural heritage, including industrial and military heritage protection solutions;
  • Solution for public space development of Liepaja historic center;
  • Potential investment areas.

Extensive public participation process:

  • Consistent communication with the press, on the Internet, TV “Dzintare” and “Kurzemes Radio” ;
  • Specially created project website , which includes all the information related to the spatial plan, gives the opportunity to share opinions and receive answers and offers an interactive map of the spatial plan map;
  • Youtube videos on spatial plan solutions (see below);
  • Stands in shopping centers and public transportation stops, posters in educational and public institutions;
  • Consultation material exhibition in the lobby of Liepaja City Council;
  • Meetings in the seven city districts planning at the beginning of the first draft’s development phase and at the beginning of the public consultation phase of first draft. A final conference with the participation of Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development representatives, representatives of institutions and industry experts;
  • Discussion amongst professionals with the participation Latvian Association of Spatial Planners and the Latvian Association of Architects members.