Līvānu Municipal Spatial Plan 2012-2024

Customer: Līvānu Municipality Council, 2011 to 2012.
Preparation of spatial plan for the municipality area with a population of 12306 (CBS 01.01.2012.), an area of 622 km2 including five parishes and Līvānu town (8896 inhabitants).
The most important issues were:

  • Development of single land use, building regulations and zoning for the parishes of the municipality and Līvānu town, taking into account the TPIS requirements;
  • Preparation of justification for the change in the boundaries of the town for industrial zone development and improvement of the living environment;
  • Consolidation and integration of the industrial potential in the planned land use of the municipality;
  • Determination of flood zones for rivers Daugava, Dubna and other watercourses;
  • Development of land-use conditions and building regulations to encourage business development, development of methodology for permitted business land use taking into account the impact on the environment and human living environment