Vecumnieki Municipal Spatial Plan 2014-2026

Customer: Vecumnieki Municipality Council, 2012 to 2013.
Preparation of spatial plan for the municipality area with a population of 9484 (CBS 01.01.2012.), an area of 844 km2 including six parishes. The work involved the preparation of justification for the plan, development of solutions, the graphical part and land use and building regulations, process management, provision of public consultation in seven major urban areas, four working group management, and coordination with institutions.
The most important issues were:
– Vecumnieku central public space development concept;
– Utilization of gypsum resources;
– Rural social infrastructure and cultural heritage conservation and development – recreational, educational, cultural, strategic project development;
– Industrial area potential;
– Vecumnieki village public space concept;
– Memel River exploitation potential;
– Development of single land use and building regulations for the municipality;
– The clarification and definition of village limits.