Riebiņi Municipality Sustainable Development Strategy 2030

Customer: Riebiņu Municipality Council, 2012.
Development of strategy for the municipality with a population of 6,344 (CSB 01.01.2011) and an area of 630 km2 including six parishes. The strategy includes a summary of current situation, vision, objectives, aims, long-term priorities and graphical material of spatial development perspective. Public consultation on the first draft of the strategy was organized and the results of the consultation were added to the strategy.
Important issues:

  • Development of cultural activities regarding outstanding local people (museum of poet, philosopher Roberts Mūks, home of painter Jānis Pīgoznis and composer Jānis Ivanovs),
  • Organization of cultural life;
  • School network strategy;
  • Road network, accessibility;
  • Sustainable use of forest, agricultural and water resources.