Vecumnieki Municipality Sustainable Development Strategy 2028

Customer : Vecumnieku Municipality Council, 2012- 2013.
Development of strategy for the municipality with a population of 9484 (CSB 01.01.2012.) and an area of 844 km2 including six parishes. The strategy includes a summary of current situation, vision, objectives, aims, long-term priorities and graphical material of spatial development perspective. Strategy was approved on May 29, 2013.
Important issues regarding the positioning of Vecumnieki municipality as rural part of Greater Riga Region:

  • Vecumnieki central public space development concept;
  • Models of attractive facilities;
  • Conditions for sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Gypsum based tourism products;
  • Roads and communications infrastructure on borderland and in municipality,
  • Maintenance and development of rural social infrastructure, development of municipality-level social infrastructure – health, education, development of cultural strategic projects;
  • Furthering cooperation with Lithuania;
  • Cultural heritage restoration and promotion of cultural events in Skaistkalne, Vecumnieki, Kurmene, Valle, Bārbele and Stelpe.